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About Us

Who We Are & What We Do is built on an essence that evokes value and excellence in many unique ways.  Our capacity to create, imagine and work with you is unmatched in our field. Personal branding for your kids, pets and quality designs is our passion. We pull our energy into each project to produce items that will resonate in your heart. is poised to partner with you to birth the images that would create huge success stories in your child’s world and yours. 

We build emotional connections through our imaginary characters and exciting scenes to expand your child’s imagination.  Remember it was Albert Einstein that said “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world.”

You may wonder – Who exactly are the brains behind and where did the idea came from? Well as often is the case it’s a long twisting story, beginning with John’s 40 plus years as an entrepreneur complete with exhilarating highs and some tough times as well, especially the 2007 real estate crash that forced us out of retirement and into an unbelievable twist of direction when my wife, Pam a retiree from AT&T with 40 years of service created a highly successful home daycare center, now 8 years running.

This unimagined move began with a very casual request by our neighbor to help them take care of their 6 month old twins. We considered this as a short term event but we were dead wrong! It became a passion, a business and today it has become our way of life. In order to keep the children excited, we created rich designs of various types of toys. The children caught the buzz and we were happy to hear good feedbacks from the parents too! They encouraged us to expand our reach and…Voila! We have been producing amazing products for children ever since.

One of the beauties of our system is that we are able to customize each design specifically for you and your kids. We have been able to build impressions and diverse collections through the favorite characters that resonate with the kids. As a way of showing our love, we have not stopped churning out new things to keep the children happy.

Our business is family-owned so we know that our name is at stake with each product that we manufacture. This is why you are sure to get top quality designs once you connect with us, so in a sense it’s the real drive for our business.

We are Pam & John owners of a family business that was born based on a need to lift the spirits and bring fun to the lives of the young and now with our new line of equipment we are able to control the quality and production of all our graphic related products including the expansion into commercial related signage, pet related products. Adults can join in too....

Welcome to our world of fun and wonder….